Nuraghe Sirai

An extraordinary settlement, one of a kind: a fortress, which encompasses the Nuraghe. It is part of the Monte Sirai - Nuraghe Sirai Archaeological Park. The fortified village shows numerous craft activities. The oldest glass production workshop in Sardinia was discovered here.
A complex Nuraghe surrounded by a fortress
An extraordinary discovery

The Monte Sirai archaeological area includes the extraordinary fortress of the Nuraghe Sirai (625-550 BC) and the homonymous Nuraghe (14th-9th century BC), encompassed within.
Unique of its kind (a fortified village), this settlement is surrounded by imposing oriental looking embankments It is evidence of the integration of a Sardinian-Phoenician community, as shown by the mixed architecture of the buildings and the ceramics of various use.
The fortified village shows numerous craft activities. The recent discovery of the oldest glass production workshop to be found on Sardinian soil was extraordinary. They also found the kilns to fire the ceramics and for the lime, a workshop to process hides and the remains of metal working.

The settlement is of major importance for our understanding of the later part of the Nuraghic period (Iron II, 730-520 BC, ca.) which coincides with the peak of the Phoenician presence in Sardinia.

Fortified settlement, necropoli and sacred areas
Things to see

Outside the fortress, you can admire the surrounding, imposing fortifications (6 m thick), the kiln for the ceramics, the warehouse and the pedestrian entrance to the fortress. Don’t miss the sacred area inside with the glass workshop, the workshop to process the hides and the original architecture generally visible in the numerous, well-preserved parts.

If you walk to the top of the village, you come to the Nuraghe. You will be astounded by the curtain walls, built of large blocks, the powerful towers and the mastio (fortified tower).

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