Themed tours, workshops and educational activities dedicated to the SIMUC.
History, play and creativity to encourage young visitors’ curiosity to discover more.
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Hunt the archaeological find

We become archaeologists for a day together with Picchetto and grandfather Piccone (two friendly cartoon characters), who will explain to us in a video the importance of archaeology, the work of the archaeologist, the various stages of a stratigraphic excavation and the tools used.
Armed with the archaeologist’s equipment, we will then try our hand at looking for finds and all the information they can provide about the past in an excavation.

  • TypeWorkshop
  • RecipientsClasses 3, 4 and 5 of the Primary School, Junior High School
  • LocationVilla Sulcis Archaeological Museum (Room 1)
  • TimeApproximately 2 hours thirty minutes
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